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Grundausbildung Online 2020 – 2021 – 4x50h – Start 16. November 2020 (Englisch)

16. November 2020, 07:30 - 17. Januar 2021, 15:00

Grundausbildung Online 2020 – 2021 – 4x50h – Start 16. November 2020 (Englisch)

200 Std. Yogalehrer Grundausbildung Online in 4×50 Stunden · 4 Module
Modul 1: 16. November – 22. November 2020 (Mo. – Sa.) 7:30 – 15:00 Uhr Alignment Woche
Modul 2: 23. November – 29. November 2020 (Mo. – Sa.) 7:30 – 15:00 Uhr Vinyasa Woche
Modul 3: 14. Dezember – 20. Dezember 2020 (Mo. – Sa.) 7:30 – 15:00 Uhr Adjustment Woche
Modul 4: 11. Januar – 17. Januar 2021 (Mo. – Sa.) 7:30 – 15:00 Uhr Methodik & Didaktik Woche

Join us for our first-ever 200-hour Online Inside Yoga Teacher Training – live and in English! Over the course of 4 modules, you’ll learn the essentials of the Inside Yoga method and everything you need to know to start teaching yoga in a healthy, safe, and efficient manner. The training will be presented by the founder of Inside Yoga himself – Young Ho Kim.

There will be an exam at the end and you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion, giving you the permission to teach yoga as this training qualifies as a 200-hour basic yoga teacher training certified under Yoga Alliance.

And the best thing is: you can do the entire training from the comfort of your own home. Since we all spend a lot more time at home these days, this is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the current situation and use the time to fulfill your dream of becoming a yoga teacher. 

Framework conditions: When? Where? How?

This 200-hr Inside Yoga Teacher Training will be streamed live at TINT and is available for an exclusive group of 34 participants. It will be available on-demand on TINT later on. The training is divided into 4 different modules:

  • Module 1: Alignment – November 16-21, 2020
  • Module 2: Vinyasa – November 23-28, 2020
  • Module 3: Adjustment – December 14-19, 2020
  • Module 4: Teaching – January 11-14, 2021

You have the opportunity to either join the training live at the above-mentioned dates or watch it later on TINT according to your own timing and schedule.

The live training will be available for a small and exclusive group of 34 people only in order to be able to provide dedicated support and create an efficient learning environment. So you’d better hurry to save your spot!


What will I learn? 

Over the course of 4 modules, you will learn all you need to know to safely and effectively teach yoga to other people. The modules are based on the principles of the Inside Yoga method – one of the most up-to-date yoga schools in the world.

  • Module 1 – Alignment: Alignment, anatomy, and physiology are essential for sound knowledge of movement. In this module, you’ll gain knowledge about yoga-specific anatomy and physiology. You’ll learn, for example, which muscles need to be activated in a certain pose and which not, and which movement initiates the pose. You’ll learn the details of how the body moves in each asana of your yoga practice. You can look forward to detailed functional and practical anatomy sessions.
  • Module 2 – Vinyasa: In this module, you’ll learn how to structure and practice various asanas in a certain sequence. Vinyasa is the movement of life. Everything is constantly moving and changing. Each of us has already experienced the ups and downs of life. No period in life is indefinite. There will always be some point of change. How does this change happen? Which movement patterns make sense and which don’t? You’ll learn to align breath and movement and take a closer look at the relationships of movement. Get ready to flow and be open to change.
  • Module 3 – Adjustment: Adjustment is one of the most important and effective tools for yoga teachers. In this module, you’ll learn in a structured way how to adjust your students discreetly and safely. You’ll get answers to all your questions: Where do I have to stand? Where and how should I touch my students? Look forward to various adjustment methods for several asanas to gain competence and confidence for your teaching.
  • Module 4 – Teaching: The last module will teach you how to efficiently use all the different tools you’ve got during this training. Your voice, your body language as well as aspects from the adjustment, alignment and vinyasa modules will be looked at in more detail. You’ll learn to stand in front of a group and teach, and how to use your voice and body language for your teaching.

After having completed all 4 modules, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam and get a certificate of completion.

Why should I join live?

An exclusive group of 34 people will be able to attend the entire 200-hour Inside Yoga Teacher Training live from the comfort of their home as it will be streamed on TINT. This enables you to interact with the teacher, the other students, and the TINT team. You will receive live support and can share your experiences and questions with the other live participants.

You will also have lifetime access to the training once it has been published on our website. This enables you to watch all, or parts of, the contents again to deepen your understanding. You can also watch individual modules or training days if you are unable to attend them live. But keep in mind that the main purpose of attending the live training is to have the best possible learning experience by participating in every session.

What if I can’t join one or several modules live?

Don’t worry – if you can’t make it to one or more modules at the live dates, you can watch the training at a later time on TINT. The entire 200-hour training will be available on-demand in early 2021.

But please be fair: If you know you won’t be able to attend the training live, please leave the spots for those students who are able to join the live sessions as space is limited – we only provide 34 live spots.

Watching the replay of the training won’t have any disadvantages for you as all the contents will be filmed and provided on our platform. This gives you the opportunity to learn, train, and practice according to your own schedule and at your own pace. Once you’ve purchased the training, you will have access at any time, no matter when you purchase or begin the training, for the life of the training. You can also watch the videos as often as you like.

The training will also be accompanied by an extensive workbook that helps you to review and assimilate the contents of the video sessions. It also includes exercises and self-reflection questions to support your learning experience.

How do I get my certificate?

After you’ve completed all 4 modules, you can take the online exam to prove your knowledge and, upon successful completion, receive your certificate.

The exam is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice test and a video. The multiple-choice test consists of several questions to check whether you have understood the key points covered in all 4 modules. But don’t worry – if you have participated in all sessions (whether live or self-paced), thoroughly read the workbook, and done all the exercises and self-reflection questions provided therein, you will have no difficulties answering the questions. Consider it your own quality and safety check – to make sure you can teach yoga in a safe and healthy manner to your future students.

In the video, you’ll be demonstrating and teaching. This gives us the opportunity to verify whether you are able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and lead a proper yoga class. 

After you have submitted both parts of the exam, we will review and grade it and send you your certificate if you have passed the exam.

You are then a fully-certified yoga teacher and ready to teach!

At a Glance 

  • 200-hour Inside Yoga Teacher Training
  • 4 modules: alignment, vinyasa, adjustment, and teaching
  • extensive workbook with exercises and self-reflection questions
  • exam and certificate of completion with the permission to teach yoga
  • life-time access, for the life of the training
  • opportunity to attend live and receive live support and interaction


16. November 2020, 07:30
17. Januar 2021, 15:00
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