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The Elements of Mastery · Part II · 3 Days Yoga Immersion
is geared toward yoga teachers who want to learn and master targeted techniques that can help students to awaken and deepen their practice. Serious students who want to develop a more effective self practice are welcome to join the immersion.

Teacher: Matt Giordano – “TheYogiMatt”

Ort: Inside Yoga Frankfurt

Zeit: 29.03.-31.03.2019 von 10:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Preis: 375€

What: Learn powerful teaching skills to help students transform their practice from the ground up. Building on the elements from E.O.M part 1, learn how to teach a sequence rooted in the physical and emotional elements of Earth, Water, Fire. Air, and Space. Topics covered will be: Sequencing, anatomy, technique, verbal delivery, meditation techniques, and adjustments. Through group discussion, one on one practice teaching, and systematic teaching tools, you will transform your approach to teaching yoga.

Day 1: Elements Covered: Earth and Water
Approach: Asana Practice, Interactive Discussion, Practice Teaching, Sequence Creation.
Focus: Developing mastery in the movements and isometric engagements which are possible at the ankle, knee and hip joints.

Practice: Starting with a morning practice, you will integrate the actions into your body through thoughtful movement and sensation based awareness.

Sequence: Following the practice, we will break down the sequence into easily digestible sections, dissecting the structure and teaching techniques used. You will learn how to structure your own sequence according to a technique we use in Chromatic Yoga called a “Through-line”.

Practice Teach: You will have the opportunity to practice teach parts of your sequence in order to get tips on how to develop your teaching skill set.

Anatomy: We will thoroughly explore the 4 Joint articulations of the ankles and knees, as well as the 6 articulations of the hips. In order to develop and deepen the relationship with the muscles that create and initiate the joint actions, you will learn how to come up with exercises that strengthen the target muscles within a yoga classroom setting.

Voice Development: Intro to The Elements of Voice: Learn the skills of verbal delivery that separate good teachers from the elite. Our voice is one of the most powerful tools we have as yoga teachers, and it is rarely ever taught and explored in earnest. This training will help you to grow your unique voice.

Day 2: Elements Covered: Fire and Air
Approach: Asana Practice revolving around fire and air, Interactive Discussion, Practice Teaching, Sequence Creation.
Focus: Developing mastery in the available movements and isometric engagements at the spine and shoulders.

Practice: Starting with a morning practice, you will integrate the actions into your body through thoughtful movement and sensation based awareness.

Sequence: In addition to the physical aspects, learn how to integrate a theme into your sequence.

Practice Teach: practice teach parts of your sequence with the knowledge of the elements of voice.

Anatomy: We will thoroughly go over the 6 primary Joint articulations of the spine, and the multiple actions at the shoulder joint.

Adjustments: Learn how to provide stabilizing and information based adjustments for students without pushing them into physically compromising positions.

Day 3
Elements Covered: Space

Approach: Asana Practice, Meditation practice, Pranayama techniques, Interactive Discussion, Practice Teaching, Sequence Creation.

Focus: Creating a transformative experience for students.

Practice: Start with a morning practice preparing the body and mind for a seated meditation practice.

Practice Teach: Put together a sequence incorporating physical actions and a theme in small groups. You will have the opportunity to present pieces of the sequence in order to receive informed and creative feedback and support from others in the group.

Adjustments: Continued development of adjustments.

Refining Your Eye: Learn how to look at students and see their physical and emotional patterns in order to help them through intelligent sequencing and actionable techniques.

Meditation Techniques:Learn how to guide students into seated meditation using an accessible and easy to follow template.